Joan Laporta confirms Barcelona have agreed deal for third economic lever

Jules Kounde arrived at Barcelona’s training ground on Monday morning in order to be officially presented as their latest star signing. As tends to be the case when the media are involved, President Joan Laporta was just as much the star of the show.

In fact, Laporta took it upon himself to break some major news. Laporta had first expressed confidence that Barcelona would be able to register all of their new signings.

“We are doing everything they are asking in order to register them. I am assuming that they will not put any obstacles in our way. I hope that La Liga make the same interpretation as we do. If not, we will find a solution.”

He was later asked whether that confidence was founded on income from player sales or from the activation of a third economic lever. Laporta confirmed it was the latter.

“We have sold 25% of the television rights for Barcelona. And the sale of €100m for 25% of Barca Studios to We are doing our homework in order to register the players.”

The devil is often in the detail and the operative phrase might be Laporta’s remark about the interpretation of the rules. The fact that there is a point of debate about them leaves the situation open to doubt.

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