Hasan Salihamidzic responds to Robert Lewandowski’s comments about Bayern exit

Bayern Munich and Barcelona have signed, sealed and delivered a deal for Robert Lewandowski, which should have been the end of the public war of words between the Polish striker and his former club. Yet the battle continues to rumble on.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Lewandowski criticised Bayern for the spreading of lies about him and accused them of trying to pick a fight in order to make him the villain of the piece.

It hasn’t taken long for Bayern to respond. Speaking to Bild TV, Sporting Director Hasan Salihamidzic said he would be having a word with Joan Laporta next time he saw him, after the Barcelona President thanked Lewandowski for the efforts he had made to leave Bayern.

In response to the Lewandowski comments, Salihamidzic denied any suggestion of lies being leaked to the media. Mundo Deportivo carried his words.

“It is something that Bayern does not accept.”

“I don’t understand Lewandowski. My father always taught me that when you leave, never close the door with your behind. Robert is headed in the direction of doing exactly that.”

Salihamidzic does have a point to an extent, as Lewandowski is unlikely to win too many friends. However based on the fact Bayern maintained Lewandowski would be staying no matter what until the end of his contract, there is evidence of the Bavarians being to play the game themselves.

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