Robert Lewandowski accuses Bayern Munich of spreading false stories about him

The saying goes that there are two sides to every story and in football, it seems like the different perspectives continue to multiply endlessly. Robert Lewandowski’s exit from Bayern Munich ended up going through, but it was not a cordial arrangement.

Lewandowski was very clear that he wanted to leave Bayern both publicly and privately following the end of the Bundesliga season, while Bayern were keen to emphasize that Lewandowski would be seeing out his contract, which ended in 2023.

In a recent interview with ESPN, carried by Mundo Deportivo, Lewandowski was asked about his exit.

“I feel like I am in the correct position, in the correct place. What happened in the final weeks before I left Bayern was also politics. The club wanted to look for a fight in order to justify my sale because maybe it was difficult to explain to the fans.”

The suggestion that he had decided to leave due to rumours that Bayern were interested in Erling Haaland was put to him.

“And I have to accept that even if there were a lot of lies, a lot of lies about me. They were false things, but in the end I know that the fans, even at this time, continue to support me a lot.”

“Some people don’t tell the truth, they say something different. For me, it was always important to be clear, honest and perhaps that was a problem for some. In the end I know that I realised that if something didn’t sit quite right with me, then maybe it was a good time to leave Bayern and sign for Barcelona.”

What is certain is that every actor in football acts in their own interests. Particularly now that football is a multi-billion dollar entertainment industry, controlling the narrative sometimes trumps the need for transparency. Yet if Lewandowski has come to Barcelona to escape politics, he might be in the wrong place.

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  1. He is a lied, a good minded person will not accept his claimed.
    He just a liar nothing more.

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