Celta Vigo’s Denis Suarez destroys his own President in Twitter thread

They say it rains often in Galicia and things are far from sunny at Celta Vigo. The ongoing spat between Celta President and Denis Suarez continues to rage onwards, after Mourino gave a public appearance criticising Suarez.

The issues began last summer, after youth player Bryan Bugarian left for Real Madrid, something Mourino accused Suarez’s agency of orchestrating. Mourino has threatened Suarez with exile if he does not drop his agents, but Suarez has held firm.

Following Mourino’s interview, Suarez took to Twitter in order to respond on each of the statements that Mourio made about him.

“It’s now many months since he threatened me with: ‘I am going to make sure that Balaidos whistles you.’ It’s time to answer. I have a contract that Celta offered me and I have strictly adhered to it and with the love that I have for this club since I was a boy. A contract, that I do respect the confidentiality of.”

“I have never sold a player from Celta nor any other team. I invite them to show that this statement [is true] with the corresponding documents, as well as the income of which he speaks. Beyond that, Celta itself have acknowledged that it is all false.”

Since these issues have broken out, Suarez appears to be stuck at Celta. Mourino maintains he has rejected options to leave, while Suarez is of the opinion that Celta are only interested in selling him for a prohibitively high fee.

“The President says of my options to leave: ‘We have passed on four offers found by us, one of them paid €12m net over 3 years. I will clarify for you: I have never received such an offer from Celta. I invite them again to show the documentation of this offer publicly and my rejection… there isn’t one.”

“We want to clarify that his only end is to damage Celta,” Mourino had also remarked.

“I will clarify for you: you have heard me offer solutions without any agency involved in order to fix everything and be able to achieve my dream, which is no other than wearing the shirt of Celta. It continues to be so. Always Celta.”

It is a rather incredible situation and neither appears ready to back down. Marca say that Suarez had received offers from Real Betis and Sevilla in the past, which would corroborate Mourino’s version of events, but there is no way of knowing their source either.

Regardless of who is in the right, it is hard not to imagine this hurting Celta more than Suarez. Players may be reluctant to join Celta given the ostracism that Suarez has suffered lately.


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