Real Madrid fitness coach Antonio Pintus reveals physical plans for upcoming season

Clubs around the world with elite players at their disposal are working out just how to approach arguably the strangest season in modern football, with everything pausing in November for the World Cup in Qatar.

Real Madrid have their plan in place. Fitness guru Antonio Pintus returned to the club last season alongside Carlo Ancelotti and the fruits of his labour were there for all to see as Real Madrid made it to the end of the season in good shape.

Speaking to Real Madrid TV, Mundo Deportivo picked up on his answers as Pintus explained how Los Blancos would be affronting the truncated season.

“The break for the World Cup for the players that are remaining will be good for me because we are going to do another preseason and work a little more.”

“With the players that are going to the World Cup it is different. When they return they will have to rest until they are 100% and then begin work again bit by bit. It will be completely different with the two groups.”

Known for being a hard taskmaster, Pintus did however praise his squad in the video.

“I am very happy with the players. They arrived in a very good condition. It is also a consequence of the work from last season. First of all, I am grateful to them.”

Despite possessing a squad which relies on aging stars, to Pintus’ credit all of them managed to come through last season relatively unscathed. His role in the Champions League and La Liga victories cannot be understated and Los Blancos will be reassured that they are in good hands for such a unique challenge.

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  1. Cant explain how much I missed this guy and loathed Dupontis or whatever his name was; the one appointed by Zidane.

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