Luka Modric becomes latest Real Madrid player to toe party line on Kylian Mbappe

Ever since Kylian Mbappe decided against joining Real Madrid, staying with Paris Saint-Germain, there has been a consistent line of discourse on the matter from within Real Madrid.

After Florentino Perez gave an interview to El Chiringuito stating that Mbappe’s decision was influenced by factors outside of football, a string of footballers have answered questions about Mbappe with a similar discourse: that the decision had little to do with football or the clubs involved.

Croatian midfielder Luka Modric has become the latest of them. Currently holidaying in Portofino, Italy, he gave an interview to Sportske, which Marca carried. Naturally the French striker was on the agenda.

“Mbappe decided what he decided, that is his right and now he lives with that decision. We all thought he would come with us, it didn’t happen… and now, what? Well, we aren’t going to crucify him.”

“Mbappe is a great player, but as I always repeat, in any context, no footballer is more important than the club. Real Madrid is the greatest, above all players and it will always be that way.”

Like Perez too, Modric was reluctant to close the door on a future offensive. In the aftermath the suggestion was that turning down Real Madrid was too large a sin to be forgiven, but that narrative has cooled of late.

“It’s possible that in a few years Mbappe comes. That follows footballing logic, which was valid up until the pressure from the socio-political elements and the interests in Paris, Mbappe probably continues with his old desire of playing for Real Madrid. As much as it seems as if the bonds have been broken, especially in the upset fans, these things can come round again.”

The entire transfer represents one of the most curious cases in recent history. Rarely has one player been so coveted without his decision being affected transfer fee considerations.

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