Real Madrid to take over club and re-start C team

Real Madrid have come to an agreement with local Madrid club RSC Internacional to become their C team.

Diario AS report that the two have come to an agreement and are already working together ahead of the new season, with a name change to ‘Real Madrid C’, occurring at the beginning of the 2023-24 season.

Real Madrid’s C team was disbanded in 2015 after 53 years of history in various guises and will once again play in the Tercera after Internacional won their ‘Preferente’ group last season. The C team will play at Valdebebas like Real Madrid Castilla.

Although it hasn’t been expressed, this may be a result of the recent changes to loan rules by FIFA. Clubs are to be limited on how many players they loan out over the age of 21, with 8 the maximum before falling to 6 in two seasons. Last year Real Madrid had 26 players out on loan, although many of them would have been exempted by age. Having a C team would allow Real Madrid extra space to retain players.

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  1. It is fantastic for Real Madrid to have that option. But I am begging ‘Ancelotricks’ to also use team b’s players as reserve for confidence to grow. This is what barcelona does better than us.

  2. Hope this works better than it did some years back. While we have good B and now C coming in, I an displeased tgat we are buying many teenagers yet we have great prospects in the Castilla. We must do better next season to give st least 4 Boys some game time to build confidence.

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