Transfer market remains impervious to the best laid plans

Every February, if not earlier, each club lays out their ideas, pretensions and targets for the summer transfer window. With more and more players choosing to run down their contracts in order to cash in on a big contract, those plans are forced even further forward into the winter months approaching the January window.

The problem and the plight of the football’s finest minds is that all of these pre-made plans of action are difficult to put into place. In many ways, each of them is gambling on the intentions of other teams. Spinsify provides the gambler with information on the options available to them online – your average technical team wouldn’t turn down a similar tool for their transfer markets.

Perhaps the best example of this is Sevilla’s Monchi. Ramon Rodriguez Verdejo, Sporting Director extraordinaire, has been aware of the fact that although he could hold onto the shining lights of La Liga’s best defence until the end of the season, Jules Kounde and Diego Carlos, anything beyond that would be difficult.

Sevilla had to beat off interest from Newcastle United in the January window, but with the prospect of a historic title challenge at the time, Los Nervionenses had good reason to tempt the Brazilian.

Although the destination was a topic of discussion – that someone would swap Champions League football in La Liga for England’s fourteenth best team – the fact of his departure to Aston Villa took nobody unawares.

Equally, an exit had been mooted for Kounde last summer, yet he was also retained under pressure. The likely valve for which was a promise that this transfer window he would be permitted to walk on the proviso of a good offer.

Yet as the month of July approaches and Kounde remains a Sevilla player, uncertainty hangs in the air. For as much the player, who has been heavily-linked with significant powers such as Chelsea and Barcelona, as Monchi. In his ideal world, the deal would surely have been done by now.

From his point of view, signing his replacements for Carlos and Kounde has to be the priority of the summer. Yet, intensely aware of his value on the market, if a satisfactory offer does not arrive for the French defender, it will complicate his plans for the future.

Although Sevilla would retain an excellent player and a star, keeping an unhappy player while being unable to continue with their model of finance and reinvestment would be a bump in the road, requiring immediate contingency plans.

There is the argument that it could allow Sevilla to bring in replacements for lower fees without the cash from Kounde jingling in their pocket, but it’s a risky business for Sevilla to purchase without an assurance of any deal.

Overall, even when it comes to the experts, there is an inherent aspect of gambling in the transfer market. The entertaining part of the transfer market is seeing who can get away with their bluffs.

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