Barcelona approve financial levers and open themselves up for business

Barcelona have taken a major step to towards changing the financial situation at the club after the club’s members approved two operations on Thursday evening.

First of all, Barcelona’s board now have permission to sell 49.9% of Barcelona Licensing and Merchandising. That confirmed the value of the deal, which is still to be made, would be a minimum of €200m and that they would have an option to repurchase their stake. That motion was passed with 568 votes in favour, 65 no votes and 13 abstentions.

They also approved a second motion which allows the club to sell 25% of their income from television rights over the course of the next 25 years. The also confirmed that for each 10% they would demand a minimum of €200m, which was passed with 494 votes in favour, 62 against and 13 abstentions again.

President Joan Laporta mentioned during the long debate over the measures that without them, they wouldn’t even be able to register a new contract for Gavi. With them, he claims the club can return to operate normally, as he stated in the broadcast Assembly. That includes making signings this summer and ensuring they are once again competitive, which will have been music to the ears of fans.

The flipside is that Barcelona may lose out on income long-term, if the value of these assets outstrips the value they sell them for. With the deals still to be made, it’s impossible to say how much those losses will amount to and whether they are better off with the immediate income. Ultimately, the club has mortgaged some of its assets in the hope they can grow the club with the money now rather than going through a period of austerity.

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