Joan Laporta asks members to activate Barcelona financial levers

Barcelona are currently working out how to move forward, with the considerable wage bill accumulated by the club weighing them down. With the club €144m in the red for their La Liga salary limits, President Joan Laporta is desperately trying to find sources of income to ease matters.

During a meeting of the senate, the most veteran members at Barcelona, Laporta explained that progress was being made in terms of the finances.

“Using a medical simile, when we took control of the club, it was on death’s door and with the work we have done during that time we have been able to move to the intensive care unit. Now, if we achieve the approval of these two levers we can move to a different floor of the hospital in order to end up leaving the hospital and returning to normal life.”

The two levers in question are the sale of 49.9% Barcelona Licensing and Merchandising and the sale of up to 25% of TV rights, as per Mundo Deportivo.

“I am sure that we will be able to turn the economic situation of the club,” Laporta noted, on the condition they had these measures approved.

On the 16th of June, Barcelona will hold an assembly during which the club will explain the measures. After that, socios or members will have the chance to vote on them.

It’s likely that the vote will have a major impact on the near future of the club. In particular in the transfer market, with a view to rebuilding their squad this summer, and also with respect to their position in the European Superleague and their opposition to the CVC deal.

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