Levante’s stunning xG stats show football isn’t fair

Now we’ve reached the end of the season in La Liga, we can look at the stats from the campaign and get some interesting insights.

The most surprising one we’ve come across so far has to be this one: the expected goals (xG) stats from the season so far (according to FBRef)

Who is top? Real Madrid of course. Who is second? Villareal, who had a really great season with some talented attackers. In third? Barcelona of course.

But the team in fourth is pretty mind blowing. It turns out Levante, who were relegated after finishing 19th, produced the fourth best chances in the league, in terms of xG.

So, if they’ve made that many chances and been relegated, they must have been terrible at defending, right?

Incredibly, they aren’t even bottom in terms of expected goals against. In fact, they’re not even in the bottom three of goals against.

Sometimes football just isn’t fair…

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