Real Madrid win the lottery with Champions League earnings

One of the narratives that has been dominating European football in recent years is the financial imbalance in the game. The wealth on offer in the Premier League has tilted the field so much in their favour that the likes of Diego Carlos has swapped Champions League football for Aston Villa, who finished 14th last season.

Real Madrid have found a way of circumventing that problem, which doesn’t involve a Superleague. By winning the Champions League, the club has significantly increased their earnings.

In total, Los Blancos have earned €136.65m from their European exploits according to Diario AS.

Just for playing in the group stage, Florentino Perez can count on an extra €68.88m through their qualification, from their historical prominence and their market share as it’s termed.

The remaining €67.77m was earned through victories and their eventual journey to become champions. €20m of it came from competing in and winning the final alone.

Many have wondered how Real Madrid will respond to missing out on Kylian Mbappe, with the money saved for him now burning a hole in their enormous pockets. Their success in Europe has further ensured that they will have a sizable war chest with which to assault the European market this summer.

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