Florentino Perez takes swipe at Kylian Mbappe after Champions League final

“Today, Mbappe doesn’t exist.”

Those were the words of Real Madrid President Florentino Perez upon winning the Champions League.

The Paris Saint-Germain forward had claimed that he would be Real Madrid’s number one fan for the Champions League final, but the wounds incurred from Kylian Mbappe’s rejection were clearly still tender.

Perhaps this was a case of Real Madrid needing the victory to reassure themselves – it was Mbappe who needed them more than Real Madrid needed him.

Asked about their front line, Perez told Sport that signings were not necessarily on the horizon.

“Every year we try to bring someone in, but this forward line is difficult to improve.”

Asked if Mbappe would have been an improvement, Perez launched the line.

“Today, Mbappe doesn’t exist, Real Madrid exist, it’s a party for Real Madrid and their players, who have been champions of Europe.”

While Mbappe might have wanted to leave his options open to a future move to the Santiago Bernabeu, it appears he has some bridge building to do. Before the match, Real Madrid fans in both Paris and Madrid insulted him in choral fashion.

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  1. I disagree with presi, Mbappe doesnt only exist today but for all future, at least to us fans.
    Enjoy winning farmers trophies in farmers league.

    1. But REAL MADRID was second best to PSG, CHELSEA, MAN CITY. They’re not a strong team. Once Modric and Krooss further fades next season MADRID’S falling backwards will be there for all to see

  2. We don’t need mbappe again, and if real Madrid sign him, I will stop watching their match in complete season, I mean it

  3. Real Madrid usually gets their man & typically, almost inevitably, everyone no player will ever turn down Real Madrid. In this case, Mbappe says no to help his beloved hometown PSG.
    I think Mbappe will live to regret not accepting to play at the undisputed & arguably the best football club in the world. At the same time, Perez has been babylike with his comment which might bite his backside if PSG take the new reign in the football world.

  4. Tsohuwar Kura tagagari duniya, tagagari”yan premier se akoma kasuwa mahassada kawai hala Madrid 14

  5. Real madrid will keep on growing without mbappe
    i really mean it
    hala madrid!!

    we are one

  6. It’s all about registering a name in the history. Winning another UCL or two with RM may not be as great as winning a single UCL title with PSG.
    Just recall yourself, how many former greats with RM have won the UCL? countless but most them have been forgotten by public in general.
    Mbappe knew it very well!

  7. i agree mbappe doesn`t exist madrid have vini and rodrigo they can do what ever mbappe is think he can do.

  8. Modric and kroos they are not in madrid only to play ball, is play and giv expr… For yong supper stars vini rodrigo and camavinga, they can do mothan what ever mbappe is think he can do.

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