Video: Fans jump gates at Champions League final

The Champions League final is arguably the finest footballing event in club football, but the 2022 edition didn’t get the build-up it deserved.

With large queues outside the stadium just minutes ahead of kick-off, UEFA took the decision to delay the start of the match by 15 minutes twice, with the game eventually kicking off closer to 21:45 CEST.

The chaos outside the stadium marred the final for many. In addition to the slow access, French police used tear gas on the crowds outside. Liverpool fans were also seen jumping the fences outside the stadium to gain access to the final.

The extent of that is not yet clear, but according to Sergio Santos of Relevo, that was the least of the issues. He tweeted out that there were local groups roaming around the stadium attacking and robbing visiting fans.

The details of what happened outside the stadium will no doubt emerge in the aftermath of the match, but it’s clear that both UEFA and the authorities on the ground lost control of matters in a manner that’s rarely been seen in a 21st century Champions League final.

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