Jose Gaya suspended for 4 matches after comments on officials

Good news has been few and far between for Valencia in recent months. Unfortunately for Los Che, that trend has been prolonged for another day.

Today the Spanish Football Federation confirmed a four match suspension for their captain Jose Gaya, as a result of comments he made on referees. It will be imposed from the beginning of next season.

Gaya was not sent off but complained in his post-match interview, in which he criticised the officials and claimed they were not being just with Valencia. The particular case was a penalty not given against Osasuna.

“It’s what we’ve been dealing with all season, [VAR] should have advised him about a clear penalty, as keeps happening to us this year. The referee saw it and well, he didn’t want to call it.”

The Federation have suspended him for the first four matches of next season for a ‘serious infraction’ by questioning ‘the honour and impartiality’ of the officials, as reported by Sport.

Gaya and Valencia have ten days in which to appeal the decision, which was also accompanied by a €602 fine – which is unlikely to worry either too much.

In this particular case as with others, a large part of the issue seems to come down to the fact that there is little excuse to miss decisions with the addition of VAR. Although VAR may have increased the number of decisions taken correctly, it also appears to have further highlighted inconsistencies within refereeing.

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