Javier Tebas demands Luis Rubiales explains missing €275m from books

Regardless of what happens on the pitch, one of the most bitter battles in Spanish football is always going to be between La Liga President Javier Tebas and Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) President Luis Rubiales.

Destined to disagree on almost everything, each has numerous complaints about the other’s handling of matters. This time however, Tebas is focused on Rubiales’ predecessor.

According El Mundo, Tebas has sent Rubiales a letter which demands an explanation for €267m of funds sent to the RFEF. The story was carried by Mundo Deportivo, in which La Liga allege that the sum was spent without justification under previous RFEF President Angel Villar.

The letter demands that either the use of the funds is explained or that it be returned within the next ten days. The money was sent by La Liga to the RFEF in order to cover the cost of officials and a number of logistical matters.

If the RFEF do end up being forced to return the money, which in this case would likely involve legal teams, then it could leave the Federation in serious financial problems.

Villar is a controversial figure within Spanish football and in 2017 was arrested on suspicion of embezzlement and corruption while at the head of the Federation.

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