UEFA may have played role in Kylian Mbappe renewal decision

Since it was announced that Kylian Mbappe would be renewing his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, there has been a race to work out the key motives for his rejection of Real Madrid in Spain.

The enormous salary obviously plays a part, while Ander Herrera pointed out that Mbappe has the opportunity to become the greatest player in PSG history.

Yet Siro Lopez has pointed out another potential factor in Sport. A recent court ruling has reversed an initial decision which prevented UEFA from punishing the continuing members of the European Superleague, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus.

Although there’s been no advance on the issue as of yet, the possibility remains that UEFA could expel the three from the Champions League.

That would be disastrous for their ability to finance and pay star players, but also might have played a part in Mbappe’s decision not to renew.

It’s worth recalling that PSG Chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi, head of the European Club Association, enjoys a close relationship with UEFA. Although it’s speculation at this point, it’s worth wondering if he and Mbappe may be privy to information the rest of us are not.

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  1. You all grabbing at straws now lol. D Mbappe saga is over let it rest in peace and do good journalism please.

  2. RM barca and Juve have 500 million fans globally.
    Pathetic weasel ceferin wanted to shut down Super League out of pure greed, as he wanted to keep a monopoly on profit.

    Who do you think with lose more if half a billion fans declare to boycott Uefa?
    Asking for a friend.

    1. Not sure 500 million fans globally means a whole lot to UEFA, and you’d need all 500 million to boycott. Let’s face it all 3 teams are big boys but all 3 are financially very precarious right now and need UEFA competition money to stay afloat. With the remaining teams I’d imagine there’s a whole lot more than 500 million fans so UEFA won’t worry and lets be honest how many of those 500 million fans would tune into to watch a competition with just those 3 teams in it?

      1. Now I know y’all biased. You think these 3 clubs don’t have the capacity to raise money on their own then you know nothing about these big institutions. It’s like you saying Apple can’t raise money to do things cause 🇨🇳 wants to ban their products 🤷😂

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