Mbappe’s mother gives surprising update on Real Madrid and PSG offers

It’s hard to recall such furore and speculation around one contract. If Kylian Mbappe and his entourage were intent on ensuring that everyone in the footballing world was speaking about him, then that at the very least everyone can agree on.

Between the leaks and hints and press questions to the player himself, it appears everyone has been left in the dark about his decision, due to arrive this Sunday.

One source of those hints, a font of information that can be clung to, is Kylian Mbappe’s mother Fayza Lamari.

In an interview with Kora Plus Lamari spoke to the situation on Friday, with her comments being quoted by Marca.

“The two offers, the one from PSG and the one from Real Madrid, are almost identical. At Real, my son will have control over his image rights. Now we are awaiting his decision… The two offers aren’t that different and we are waiting for Mbappe to choose what he wants.”

That contradicts the general narrative, which had centred on Paris Saint-Germain’s supposed ability to outspend Real Madrid. For many, the choice had been characterised by as a choice between Real Madrid and a contract that would dwarf all others in Paris. Yet it appears Los Blancos have made every financial effort too, if Lamari’s comments are to be believed.

That means the choice will come down to Mbappe’s emotional attachment to the clubs and which one he feels is best-placed for success.

According to Lamari though, there will be no more twists in terms of the negotiations.

“We won’t have new meetings to discuss the future of Mbappe, these meetings have finished already. Now we have arrived at an agreement with both Real Madrid and PSG and the discussions are over, becuase now Kylian has to choose.”


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