Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool have a secret weapon ahead of their date with Real Madrid

Real Madrid face Liverpool in Paris on May 28th.

And it’s as big a game as they come – the Champions League final between two of the competition’s most successful clubs.

The run-up to the final is different for each team.

Madrid secured La Liga with four games to go and have used the final part of their season as a sort of pre-season training camp.

They play Real Betis on Friday evening in their last game of the campaign and then have eight days to prepare for Liverpool.

Liverpool, however, are living a moment of real intensity. They beat Chelsea to lift the FA Cup on Saturday and came from behind to defeat Southampton 2-1 last night.

They’re still in the midst of an intense title race with Manchester City. They play Wolverhampton Wanderers on Sunday in the final day of the season and could still win the Premier League.

Jurgen Klopp, speaking in comments carried by Marca after Liverpool’s victory over Southampton, explained the secret to his team’s success with customary flair.

“I’m very happy with the performance, it’s quite moving,” he said.

“It’s like, wow. Having these guys is like having Ferraris in the garage. You let them out and they do that well.

“I’m not sure the last time Harvey Elliot played, Curtis Jones has only played once in a while, it’s a crime that Takumi Minamino doesn’t play more often. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, too. He didn’t even play and he’s in exceptional shape.

“Sometimes it’s very hard for the boys. But whatever happens this year will happen because of the group. They’re exceptional and they’ve shown it again.”

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  1. Klopp should be a used car salesman.
    To stick with car analogy – they too want to sell a Trabant for the price of a Bentley.

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