Jorge hopes son Lionel Messi will return to Barcelona some day

Lionel Messi and Barcelona will remain inextricably linked for eternity, but the manner of his exit left a sour taste in the mouth. His father, Jorge, hopes that that can be put right.

Arriving at El Prat airport in Barcelona, the Argentine superstar’s father was spotted by the press and asked about Lionel and his time in Paris. The video was posted by Gerard Romero, as part of his Jijantes FC channel.

Jorge did say that his son was happy in Paris and seemed to think that Messi wouldn’t be coming back to Barcelona on holiday. When asked if he would be coming back to the club to play, Jorge responded with “Let’s hope so.”

Whether Barcelona and Messi would be willing or able to come to an agreement is one thing, coming to an agreement with his current club Paris Saint-Germain would be a matter of considerable contention too. It’s worth remembering that Joan Laporta, the current President, is the person that oversaw his exit when he had previously promised to keep Messi at Barcelona.

Even so, it does show that the Messi family at least hold Barcelona in their hearts still and would be open to the idea on some level.

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