Villarreal unveil plans to renovate Estadio de la Ceramica

Few clubs can claim to have undergone the transformation that Villarreal have in the last 25 years. Before 1997, the Yellow Submarine had never played in La Liga, this season they made it to the Champions League semi-finals for the second time.

A big part of that transformation has been the constant ambition to continue evolving, the latest part of which is a renovated stadium.

The renovations will curiously lead to a reduction in the capacity, dropping from 23,500 to 22,000. Villarreal, who presented the project publicly on Wednesday and communicated the details on  their website, were keen to stress that the renovations were to improve the fan experience first and foremost.

Work has already begun on the stadium and they anticipate it being a swift process, aiming to play their first match before the end of 2022. They have one final home match against Real Sociedad on Sunday before the construction is in full swing, after which Villarreal will play at the Ciutat de Valencia stadium, home of Levante.

The total budget for the project €35m, which when compared with many transfer fees, seems a reasonable price to improve the stadium. Apart from being more spacious, a key feature is that all of the seats will be under a roof.

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