Sergio Aguero believes Guardiola prefers life in Manchester to Barcelona

While much of the attention was focused on the dramatic victory of Real Madrid last night, plenty were ready to start assigning blame for Manchester City’s collapse too.

Given the way Real Madrid have dispatched of Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea before them, it’s worth wondering if it wasn’t so much to do with Manchester City as the Spanish champions. Some have put the blame at the feet of Pep Guardiola.

In the meantime, Sergio Aguero was picking apart the match live on a stream with Carlos Tevez. He had his own views on Guardiola, whom he believes has stayed in Manchester for one key reason.

“For me he’s one of the best in the world. At City, he stays because he is comfortable there, he has seen a different life, like me. Some day he will manage the national team.”

“He knew in Barcelona and at Bayern Munich that there was a lot of pressure from the media. In England, the two teams from Manchester were on two pages of the newspaper with the rest of the teams.”

Mundo Deportivo covered the quotes from his stream and it does seem there is some credence to his statements. The Catalan has been in charge of Manchester City for nearing six years now and looks set to continue on the bench there too.

That doubles the amount of time he spent at Bayern Munich and exceeds his Barcelona spell by two years too. During his time at the helm of the Blaugrana he reached dazzling heights, but also spoke of the exhausting nature of the job. In addition, he would only renew his contract on a year-by-year basis so as not to commit himself beyond his capacity.

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