Man City had good reason to be furious with added time against Real Madrid

Manchester City felt a little hard done by following their Champions League defeat to Real Madrid.

Los Blancos stunned everyone with their late comeback in the semi-finals, winning 6-5 on aggregate.

By minute 88 in the second leg, Los Blancos hadn’t manage a single shot on target and they were two goals down.

But they still found two goals in time and went on to win the game in extra time thanks to a Karim Benzema penalty.

But in the second half of extra time, Pep Guardiola and City were left furious with the officials.

At minute 120, the officials added just three minutes after a heavily disrupted second half.

And their claim is a legitimate one, with Mundo Deportivo doing the research and finding out that only five minutes and 32 seconds were played out of the 15 minutes of second half extra time.

And not only that, but the full-time whistle was blown after just over two-and-a-half minutes of added time.

Small details, but this game tends to be won on small details.

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  1. How about some doing some research on the only 2 min extra time in first half when RM asked for more? Details.

    1. Or the 6 minutes the ball was actually in play in the last half of extra time.

  2. Not to mention that Casemiro should have had two yellow cards in the first half; the horrible scissors tackle on De Bruyne, and the desperate shirt pull on Foden

    Fair play to Real; but what a poor referee.

    1. Totally agree ref was biased makes u think did he do on purpose even my wife said cassermo should have walked was he instructed by UEFA to look after real Madrid the elite or did he take a bung

  3. Another pitiful referee
    CITY thoroughly deserved to win the away leg too. Good job Real had a decent shot stopper

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