La Liga fined €250,000 for using app to spy

La Liga have been caught out using their app for nefarious purposes.

Yesterday it was confirmed that the league would have to pay a fine of a quarter of a million euros for using it’s app to spy on bars. The purpose of the spying, which involved accessing the microphone and location of La Liga app users, was to find out whether establishments were pirating La Liga content.

The league did not deny using the technology for that purpose but did say that they had acted legally, according to website GenBeta. The Agency for the Protection of Data in Spain, who imposed the fine, responded that they did not make their intentions explicit enough to users of the app.

The decision had originally come out in 2019, but Javier Tebas had decided to appeal the decision. However the National High Court ratified the decision earlier this week.

Not only is this a sore financial penalty, it’s a bad look for La Liga to be infringing on the privacy of fans. La Liga have taken an intense approach to the piracy of content, suspending social media accounts swiftly and launching a large advertising campaign against it.

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