Ronaldo Nazario sympathises with Gerard Pique over leaked audios

Ronaldo Nazario invited the press to the Real Valladolid sporting facilities on Thursday evening to talk to them about changes to Los Pucelanos. But that didn’t stop the media asking him about the issues of the day.

Primarily he was there to announce that Valladolid would be changing their badge, saying that it would be modernised. After a time talking about all things Valladolid though, there were questions about the wider organisation of football.

The great Brazilian forward lamented the poor relations between La Liga and the Spanish Football Federation, comparing the it to the mistrust between UEFA and FIFA.

That brought the subject onto the recent controversy surrounding Luis Rubiales and Gerard Pique, with their leaked audios leading to some uncomfortable questions. In quotes carried by Marca, Ronaldo didn’t entirely condemn the Barcelona defender.

“I have the same business in an agency in Brazil, I do very similar things, but I avoid certain movements in order to not be judged by the internet and the papers. That’s my philosophy.”

“I don’t want to say that Pique is wrong, it’s within the legal system,” he added.

It’s worth noting that Ronaldo recently acquired the Brazilian club Cruzeiro late last year. Beyond that, Ronaldo is not alone in that very few clubs or their leaders have come out to criticise Pique or Rubiales.

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