Manchester United fined by UEFA for objects thrown at Diego Simeone

Manchester United have been punished for their fans actions in the Champions League after they went out to Atletico Madrid.

Upon the final whistle of the second leg at Old Trafford, Diego Simeone made his customary sprint down the tunnel, in this case in the corner of the stadium rather than next to the benches. His trip down the side-line was not short of obstacles though – beer and objects rained down on the Argentine, hit by one cup but showing good agility to avoid most of it.

UEFA have imposed a fine on the Red Devils for their actions, although not a very large one. Mundo Deportivo, who covered the story, called the €10,000 fine ‘ridiculous’.

Even if it corresponds to the correct punishment in the UEFA rules, as Chema Fuentes notes, it does beg the question whether this is much of an incentive for Manchester United to clamp down on the poor behaviour.

Once again football’s primary problem of not knowing how to set rules for clubs with vastly different resources comes into focus. Should this have been one of the smallest teams to enter the tournament, the fine could be quite significant, yet when dealing with Manchester United, who bring in hundreds of millions in revenue, the punishment will be barely noticeable.

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