Barcelona fans asked to reconsider protest by club

The ongoing reaction to Barcelona’s ticketing disaster is showing no sign of stopping four days after the events occurred.

The Grada d’Animacio (singing section) are planning on protesting the events of Thursday as they consider that the club did not do enough to prevent tickets being sold to Eintracht Frankfurt fans. During the match, they walked out at half-time and only returned in the 55th minute of the match.

Earlier on Monday it broke that the group were not going to attend today’s match with Cadiz, as a form of protest about the event.

This would likely hurt the atmosphere at Camp Nou significantly and damage the club’s image to see part of the stand left empty.

Vice-President of the Institutional section at Barcelona Elena Fort has reached out to the five supporter groups that form the singing section, in a last ditch attempt to persuade them to attend, according to Sport.

It appears that Joan Laporta will also give a press conference on the matter tomorrow morning.

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