Double blow for Chelsea spells good news for Real Madrid

Real Madrid have a strong lead over Chelsea in their Champions League tie which will be concluded on Tuesday night, and the good news keeps coming for Carlo Ancelotti’s men.

Chelsea recovered from their defeat to smash Southampton 6-0 yesterday, but Madrid fans will be more interested in the Blues’ team news. Cesar Azpilicueta and Romelu Lukaku were both absent from the squad, and after the game Thomas Tuchel explained that the Spaniard had tested positive for Covid, and Lukaku was injured.

That is a major boost for Madrid – Chelsea are going to have to score at least two goals, and while Lukaku hasn’t been the striker they hoped for, he’s still the only true striker in the squad.

Azpilicueta’s versatility will also be missed, as Chelsea cannot switch between 343 and 433 so easily without his ability to play at wide centre back or at right wing back.

Both could feasibly be back for Tuesday’s game – but Tuchel didn’t sound convinced.


  1. Azpi does not even need to stress himself, he can take a rest.

    Chalobah will be an upgrade at the back three.

    The duel is over though with nonsense Chelsea played at the bridge.

  2. With Azpilicueta and K,James we won them, so we don’t care about their absence or present all i know is we are going to flush them out, Hala Madrid

    1. We have other options.Azpi may be the factor but not King Luka.I pray Reece J gets into his elements on Tuesday.We can do it in S.Bernabeu.💪Blue is still the colour.

  3. We will still beat them no matter who play or not. We are Real Madrid, the King of European foolball.

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