Atletico’s stunningly bad record against the bottom 4 could cost them Champions League place

Atletico Madrid lost to Manchester City in midweek, but limiting a team that good to one goal, and having a second leg at home to try and match that, left the team and its fans with plenty of positives.

There were no such positives to be taken from yesterday’s game. Diego Simeone rotated his team, but saw them produce an attacking display always as weak as the one from the Etihad.

Atletico finished 1-0 losers, meaning that they have now dropped an astonishing 17 points from their games against the 4 worst teams in the league. They have now played 7 of their 8 games against that group.

We’ve seen these bad results trickle in all season – a campaign which has never really got going for Los Rojiblancos – but to see all those games added together like this is pretty stunning.

There is no shortage of attacking talent in this squad, and the problems seem to run deeper than that.

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