Bellerin says Ukrainian crisis has highlighted Western racism

During an interview with La Media Inglesa, Real Betis full-back Hector Bellerin didn’t shy away from the important matters of the day.

The Arsenal loanee has been a vocal advocate of several social causes in the past, in particular highlighting the importance of taking action against the climate crisis. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine dominating the news, Bellerin has happy to speak to the topic.

“I find it pretty grim seeing how we’ve been so interested in this war, but there were others that we didn’t bother with. I don’t know if it’s because it could affect us more economically or in terms of refugees, but the war in Palestine has been silenced and nobody has talked about it.”

“It happens in Palestine, Yemen, Iraq… Now we’re deciding whether Russia will play in the World Cup or not… In the end these are things that other countries have been doing for many years and we have decided to turn a blind eye to it.”

The Barcelona native was keen to highlight the hypocrisy of recent events in the way this conflict has been treated in comparison to others. He wasn’t short of an explanation for why that has been the case.

“It seems very racist and greatly lacking in empathy, lives are being lost in lots of conflicts.”

Bellerin spoke on a wide variety of topics in the interview which lasted around 45 minutes, including how he used big data in order to decide which club to join this summer. Since arriving in Seville, he’s been a regular for Betis at right-back.

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  1. So, what did Spain do when the US was attacked on 9-1-01? Did Spain get involved or did they just turn a blind eye? Was Spain racist then? Or were you even born then? It is best to just keep your opinions to yourself and concentrate on the Betis free-fall from Champions League qualification.

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