40 clubs would face European relegations under new Financial Fair Play regulations

UEFA has made a move to update its Financial Fair Play rules, having relaxed them during the pandemic. With the changes set to take effect in April, more information about the new regulations continues to drip through.

The new rules would require clubs not to spend in excess of 70% of its income on salaries, although this will initially be 85% during a period of adaptation. This is similar to the current rules in place in La Liga, where the salary limits are based on 70% of a club’s income too.

The difference is that while in La Liga clubs face further restrictions on signings, UEFA are threatening to relegate clubs from one European competition to another. In essence, non-compliance with the rules would mean dropping from the Champions League to the Europa League or Europa League to the Conference League. As pointed out by Marca, this would currently leave 40 clubs in violation.

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