Russia sanctions could delay new Santiago Bernabeu

The renovation of the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu could be seriously delayed by the sanctions being opposed on Russia, as per SPORT.

With many European nations imposing sanctions on Russia after the country invaded Ukraine last week, numerous supply chains have been affected. The new facade of the Santiago Bernabeu was due to be built from anti-oxidising steel, which Russia is the leading supplier of.

The sanctions mean that cargo ships with material from Russia are being prevented from docking at many ports across Europe. The upshot of this is that the Cadiz steelworks Acerinox, where the facade was being constructed, may run out of steel.

Currently the inauguration of the Bernabeu was set for the beginning of 2023 after numerous delays already, one of which a large fire in the stadium which spread smoke across the Madrid skyline. If the situation isn’t resolved in the near future, it could further delay Real Madrid’s new home.



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