Kylian Mbappe outlines three conditions to renew at PSG

Paris Saint-Germain remain determined to secure a contract extension package for Kylian Mbappe this summer.

French international Mbappe is out of contract with the Parisians at the end of the season with no current progress on a new deal.

Real Madrid have been heavily linked with a free transfer for the 23-year-old with reports suggesting Mbappe has already rejected a ‘blank cheque’ €90m gross salary offer with the Ligue 1 giants.

However, as per reports from Mundo Deportivo, PSG have not given up home of retaining their star asset, and the Les Bleus attacker has made three demands as part of the ongoing talks.

Mbappe is seeking concrete assurances over PSG´s ability to fight to win the Champions League consistently every season as they bid to clinch a first ever title in 2022.

He also wants to be the central figure within the first team, ahead of Lionel Messi, and specifically Neymar, with greater responsibility over set pieces and penalties.

Finally, Mbappe wants a firm answer over the future of Mauricio Pochettino’s future at the club, who has been linked with a summer exit, to be potentially replaced by Zinedine Zidane.


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    1. He is not mature. You can not compare messi and neymar with mbappe. Is only this season mbappe will spark not next season.

  1. He is a great player, but he is still young to handle current situations. Anyway, he is 23,and the next five years will be his best years. Do not ask too much for that I suggest he stay with Psg.

  2. Mbappe needs to be patient and learn to respect the GOAT, if he ever wants to win any Balon D’OR. Messi has 7, and virtually won everything in football. Mbappe should wait for his time and not behave like Neymar who left Barcelona for same reasons. We all know where Neymar is today. The presence of Messi in PSG alone creates enormous fear to defenders and that is what PSG needs to win the Champions league. Mbappe, you a just a prince, wait for the King to retire before assuming the throne. In Real Madrid, you will never be king as the players are selfish and would never allow you come and reap all the efforts put in over the years.

      1. Fade you say ?it’s your brain that faded okay messi suffered injuries at his start I Paris and currently has most assists in the league. Now how do you define fade ? Messi is multipurpose player either scoring or assisting which very essential in the game so wtf are you saying punk?

        1. Has any one won ballon d or in psg? Even messi’s Last ballon d or, was his performances in laliga and the performances at copa America. Real Madrid is a home of world best.

          1. Then let those that there win it
            Mbape was in psg when he won the best forward infront of Benzema playing for real madrid. Your performance gives you award not club.

          2. Mbappe you have to Stop disturbing yourself, by comparing you with Messi, what Messi done when he weare like you at age of 23, you can’t do it. Just wait for your time okay.

    1. How old was messi when he gain his name into the Barca first team, GOAT or not u just have to prove and gain your stand in the the team. Frackly speaking psg needed this youngman more than any player as at today in the sqaurd but he need not to include the senior players for his assurance and calm his ego

  3. I think all his demands are legit and he is continuing to prove everyone just how good he is. I think PSG will agree to all his demands and if Zidane joins PSG and Mbappe continuous to perform at this same level consistently then PSG can easily win the CL but I doubt it this season, looking at the form of liverpool, city and chelsea. Probably next season though.

  4. Mbappe first analyse your caliber. How many shots you fire and how many gets converts into goal. U r selfish all d time u only want to score rarely u pass ball when inside box. Messi is giving assist to u in a plate to score. Earn so much respect by giving that much for years

  5. I have read your article. Such a good and informative. Sports is my passion. I have loved sports since childhood. Love to play I also like to watch sports
    I also enjoy working with sports. Awareness among people increases through sports.

  6. Mbappe is better than Messi and Neymar, their days are far gone. Let the boy be a man now. You are the man now Mbappe.

  7. If messi wanted to be the main man
    He should have asked for the number 10 jersey, if neymar is still immature he shouldn’t have allowed messi to come and also offer to give him the number 10 jersey.
    So nobody is stopping mbappe
    He is already the main man.

  8. Mbappe is eager to be the best ahead of Messi and Neymar, he forgets that you don’t just demand to be high…you climb your way up. He should be patient and work with both of them, there’s still a lot he can learn.

  9. Mbappe just hang on for a little while on PSG with king Leo, Messi shines because of Ronaldinho the greatest player of all times, the dribbling wizard, you just need those assists from Messi, Di Maria Neymar and ect,,, by the time you reach 26 years it will be your time to prove to the world that you are one of the greatest player in the world.. You really need to use King Leo to step up… Your time will come just stay next to Messi the future is bright.

  10. Then let those that there win it
    Mbape was in psg when he won the best forward infront of Benzema playing for real madrid. Your performance gives you award not club.

  11. All are great players.
    Everyone has a choice of their.
    Let them play soccer while we just watch them at their best

  12. We need players like Mbappe in Real Madrid so I think Mbappe should join real Madrid. If PSG wins UCL this season the ballon D’or will not be given to Mbappe automatically Messi is going to win it for their fake reasons as they did last year.

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