Barcelona and their chances of reaching the 2022/23 Champions League

Barcelona are still battling for a Champions League spot after dropping out of this season’s competition.

The Blaugrana fell out of the Champions League after losing to Bayern Munich in their final group stage.

However, there’s more bad news for Barcelona fans. This defeat has led to questions over whether Barcelona can compete in the Champions League next season even if they do reach the competition.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Barcelona’s chances of qualifying for the next season of the Champions League.

Barcelona Eliminated from the Champions League

The Champions League is a football competition eagerly awaited by the most important European clubs and football fans and by sports betting enthusiasts.

Many people choose to bet on sports during the Champions League because they see it as a way to experience the championship with even more excitement and anticipation.

To have the best chance at winning the bets, it is worth knowing what types of bets to choose in a given competition and what factors to consider when making betting decisions.

Long-term bets are certainly a great strategy when betting on the Champions League. Unfortunately, however, sometimes the team perceived as the favourite and the one with the most winning potential reaches the bottom.

What’s more, in the beginning, it is worth focusing on what has often played a key role in football: the team’s reputation.

This is the case of Barcelona after their loss in December 2021 to Bayern Munich, which knocked the Spanish team out of the Champions League.

After this loss, the odds of Barcelona qualifying for the next season of the Champions League aren’t looking good.

What’s Next for Barcelona?

It’s hard to imagine more Champions League matches without Barcelona, ​​but they were eliminated after losing to Bayern Munich.

It is not that easy to get eliminated from the tournament for good anymore. Now Barcelona have a chance to fight in the spring because UEFA are changing the rules.

The Spaniards will play in the UEFA Europa League, the former UEFA Cup, where they haven’t played since the rebranding in 2009-10.

Up until now, this was the last time the Spanish giant lost their place in the Champions League. In 2004, Barcelona played in the UEFA Cup but did not qualify for the Champions League.

To remember the last time Barcelona ended their presence in the Champions League still in the group stage, we have to go back a whopping 21 years to 2000/01.

Back then, the team were led by Lorenzo Serra Ferrer. With players such as Rivaldo, Kluivert, Overmars, Luis Enrique, and the young Xavi and Carles Puyol, Barcelona could not leave the group where their rivals were AC Milan, Leeds United, and Besiktas Istanbul.

In the UEFA Cup, Barcelona reached the semi-finals, where it minimally lost to Liverpool.

Will Barcelona Qualify for the Champions League Next Season?

There will be no Spanish championship or a Champions League victory this season. Still, Barcelona are facing perhaps the most crucial round in the club’s recent history.

Either through La Liga or the Europa League, Xavi’s team have to secure their qualification to in the next edition of the Champions League.

Their absence will be the next step before reaching the bottom.

Barcelona’s dropout from the Champions League has had a severe impact on the club, losing tens of millions of euros in the absence of promotion.

In fact, Spanish experts estimate that the team has lost around 30 million euros due to their loss to Bayern Munich.

Even if Barcelona somehow wins the Europa League – which doesn’t look very probable – the team will remain in financial trouble. Barcelona are undoubtedly going through a severe crisis and has been for a while.

Currently, Barcelona are fifth in La Liga. This means that they lost one point for the position guaranteeing participation in the next season of the Champions League. They will face Atletico Madrid at home in the next league round on February 6.

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