Valencia redesign new stadium again with significant capacity reduction

Valencia could see their Nou Mestalla reduced in capacity again ahead of the resumption of construction.

The building of Nou Mestalla started and stopped well over a decade ago, with no progress on the concrete skeleton of the stadium for around 13 years.

The stadium, which is half built, has been left untouched in the suburb of Benicalap since 2008 due to financial issues within the club.

Though, it looks as though progress is finally about to be made thanks to the new CVC loan, which will give clubs a significant amount of money to put towards infrastructure.

With Mestalla ageing quickly and time running out to finish Nou Mestalla – due to planning permission and weathering of the current work – Valencia will put much of their CVC money to finishing their stadium.

But to reduce costs, they have once again reduced the capacity in the plans for the new stadium.

Los Ché chief Anil Murthy has announced a new redesign, which will not me too different from the last, but it will see the capacity dropped to 43,000.

That’s a fraction of the original plans, which were for a 75,000 seater stadium, though Valencia’s successes on the pitch have reduced since the original plan.

There will be, however, a possibility to increase the capacity of the new stadium to 55,000 under the new plans, should demand increase.

The current Mestalla holds around 49,000, while Valencia have around 32,000 season ticket holders.

Average attendances have ranged between 21,000 and 29,000 in the last two seasons, so the reduction in capacity shouldn’t cause too many issues.

The new plan would also see the outside of the stadium change, while the roof will be made of different materials, making it a little less glamorous.

The new plans
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