La Liga stadiums to reduce to 75% capacity from January first due to covid-19’s sixth wave

The Spanish government has announced that the capacity in open spaces has been reduced to 75% while the capacity in closed spaces has been reduced to 50% according to Mundo Deportivo.

This affects La Liga stadiums, of course, meaning that each ground across the country will now be able to house just 75% of its full capacity between January first and 31st.

In the Basque Country, the autonomous government has considered halving the capacity to 50%, going beyond the central government’s decision.

At Real Sociedad, for example, this would see Anoeta’s current capacity of 39,313 reduced to 19,156 rather than 29,484. It’s a big difference, but hopefully just a temporary measure.

The sixth wave of covid-19 is wreaking havoc across Europe, forcing hospitality to cut their hours and restrictions that had been eased to come back with a vengeance.

In Spain, the government recently announced that the compulsory use of face masks in outdoor areas have come back into force, a measure they dropped in the summer.