Joan Laporta opens up on Barcelona’s Champions League collapse against Bayern Munich

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has given his thoughts following his club’s early elimination from the Champions League.

Barca needed to beat Bayern Munich away from home on Wednesday evening, but for the second time this season, they were comfortably defeated 3-0.

It was an abject display from Xavi Hernandez‘s men, who now exit the Champions League at the group stage for the first time in 21 years.

They now drop into the Europa League, and it is a costly elimination for Barca, who had budgeted to reach the Champions League quarter finals this season, as they do every season.

After the game, Barca president Laporta spoke about the disappointing result, telling Sport: “We are sad for the result, but we have to move on.

“It’s a moment to work and try to revert the situation.”

“We haven’t been able to go down to the changing rooms to support the players. We will speak on the plane with the technical team.”

“We have done what we have been able to and now we have to try to overcome this situation.”

Barca will discover their Europa League fate on Monday when the draw for the Round of 32 is made.

Until then, they will be forced to confront their latest disappointment, though they will be able to get back on track this weekend when they face Osasuna in La Liga.

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  1. Charles says:

    Laporta stop fixing rubish,you came and drop the honor of Barcelona,you are up for bad thing,pls go away let the right person to charge of Barcelona

    1. Unknown says:

      What can he do genius? There’s no money to improve the team.

    2. zaeed aziz says:

      Why did Koeman remain at the held when Laporta know that he was not the
      proper one? Why did Messi leave with only a few days in hand before closing
      the window? Why did you bring in Luuk
      De Jong, Depay? Laporta must go.

      1. haris says:

        They are joined for free. Do you know anyone else who is better than Depay and can join for free.
        Koeman was not the reason of this demise. Bartomeu and his team are.

        1. COSH says:

          Truly Barca nemesis was Bartomeu, who came to destroy the club.

    3. Lol says:

      Just shut up fool

  2. Babangida Othman says:

    From my observation both Laporta and Xavi got it wrong haven’t any plans or formation of moving this team forward, I will advise them to live before is late

  3. Cristian R. says:

    Laporta’s hesitation to sack Koeman in the summer was really bad management. He didn’t want to hurt Koeman’s feelings probably, and he didn’t want to pay to terminate his contract early. This was absolutely stupid as it was plenty clear that Koeman is a submediocre coach with rudimentary methods, he failed pretty much everywhere he coached, one could not reasonably expect a different outcome at Barca. Not getting rid of Koeman in the summer turns out to be more painful and expensive now: this season is basically wasted, and we lost a lot of money and prestige by falling out of UCL.

    There’s nothing to be ashamed of for losing to the best team in club soccer, Bayern would have most likely beaten any team by a comfortable margin. But Laporta’s bad decision making is the main reason we basically forced ourselves out of options, and this is frustrating as hell, and raises questions about this board’s ability to execute.

    1. haris says:

      Koeman won the Copa Del Rey during the tumultuous time.
      Why do Laporta sack him when he already brought a trophy?

  4. Olabode Bolaji says:

    I think this is the right time for the president, coach and technical crew to reshape the image of the club, there is a lot of the to be done now, I have seen it so far that qualifying for round of 16 might be difficult. Let’s see what will happen in January transfer window.

  5. abba rossi says:

    As for me i have not seen this management and xavi effect on this team in term of tactical ability. Xavi is over rated, he doesn’t ve that quality and the midfielders are very poor, no experiences, they re over rated as well when u look at gavi, nico ,pedri the responsibility is too big for them, it was a selfish ideas of spanish coach to even invite them to national team to be honest.

  6. PHILIP MENSAH says:

    It’s not too late to come back.
    I believe that from now onwards we have to try and win all our matches and redeem our image let win I know by next year we con do better.

  7. James says:

    Barcelona should send back all those small boys to Barcelona B and good players with experience the whole entire team lack of seriousness and team work we’re so embarrassed 6 goals by Bayern without even scoring that is totally very some players need to go don’t give them even chance for pay cut

  8. Lol says:

    Sometimes fans need to just shut up cause most of y’all just as clueless and just feel like you just have to contribute your trash opinions. This squad is playing a natural winger as a number 9, lost Fati and Aguero and still be talking trash about the president and coach. They are trying to fix a problem which has manifested over years of poor management and y’all expect it to be done in 5mins. You really think Xavi can change a whole style of football in the lil time he has come in? I swear football fans are the worst..

    1. Lekside says:

      Guess you should consider what Tuchel did with Chelsea team. Lamport hard it all bad and the team was almost going into extinction but imagine the turn around with those crop of players that were deemed surplus to requirements.

  9. Kenge Mhuni says:

    The current Barcelona squad can’t even scare small teams from lower divisions as far as fourth tiers; keep dreaming even finishing top 4 might be an uphill task ; LEO MESSI Is enjoying & smiling his 7th precious award while u are being show where EUROPA is found.

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