Carlo Ancelotti admits Luka Modric will need extra rest at some point

Carlo Ancelotti says some down time at home will be enough for Luka Modric to shake off tiredness amid a busy fixture list.

Modric has been a fixture of Real Madrid‘s midfield over the best part of a decade, and nothing has changed this season.

Ancelotti has relied heavily upon Modric in what has been an impressive season to date for Real Madrid.

The 36-year-old has already made 17 appearances this season, and to his credit, he has been as good as ever, not showing any real signs of slowing down.

And while Ancelotti has admitted Modric might need some extra rest at some point, he thinks some down time at home will be enough ahead of a key derby clash with Atletico Madrid.

“Of course, with his age, he has to rest,” Ancelotti said after Real Madrid’s win over Inter Milam, as cited by Marca. “Now he has five days until the next game.

“I think that he rests well at home, he has a relaxed home life.

“They are players that have something special, but I have to also think of two players behind, Camavinga and Valverde, who are performing very well when they play.”

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