Toni Kroos slams decision to hand Lionel Messi seventh Ballon d’Or

Toni Kroos is the latest to criticise the decision to give Lionel Messi this year’s Ballon d’Or.

Messi won his record-breaking seventh Ballon d’Or on Monday night following his Copa Ámerica win with Argentina, while also winning the top scorer – Pichichi – award in La Liga.

But the decision has not gone down well with many, who believe others were more deserving of the award.

Bayern Munich star Robert Lewandowski, who finished in second, scored more than 40 goals last season, while fourth-placed Karim Benzema was also touted.

And for Real Madrid star Kroos, the decision to hand Messi the award, which was decided by votes from football journalists, was the wrong one.

“Why didn’t Benzema win the Ballon d’Or? What fails, above all, is the selection of first choice,” he said, as cited by Mundo Deportivo.

“There is no doubt that together with Cristiano, he has been the best player of the last decade, but this year it should be another forward.”

There was a big push for Benzema to win the award from many in Spain, but ultimately, he came up way short, finishing in fourth and behind Jorginho.

Jorginho won Euro 2020 and the Champions League across Italy and Chelsea, playing a pivotal role in both titles.

Benzema was, however, the only La Liga player to make the top 10.

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  1. Facts to Kroos: Did Benzema ever win top scorer in Spain?

    Kroos is simply delirious! Poor thing, he is a textbook sore loser case, after so many tortures administered by Barcelona with 3+ goals up.

    His opinions are very similar to his soccer: so bleak that would make a frozen mackerel seem exciting.

    Not a word from Kroos on how he single handedly took Germany down the drain at Euro 2020, as Lowe preferred him as CM (???) while exiling Kimmich on the wing… As a consequence, Germany’s play was a spitting image of Kroos’ game: bleak, boring, vapid

    I agree that there is politics involved in the Ballon d’Or. Otherwise Messi would have won 10-11 times by now…

  2. “But the decision has not gone down well with many”…. did you mean Madrilistas
    Kross and Iker Casillas wanted Benzema, but the President could not buy enough “periodistas” to up the numbers.

  3. That’s to tell you how incompetent UEFA is if Messi is said to be the winner…. Then something is very wrong with the system and all UEFA executive should resign…. When Inter Milan won trebble, the Dutch player was the most outstanding both for club and country… Messi was no where close yet the incompetent UEFA gave it to him … how many times would you deny well deserved players what’s theirs…. Corrupt UEFA & it’s system 🖕

    1. That’s top notch analysis. I am a football fan who appreciates what Messi has done during his career. But that was a wrong call to award him the Ballon dor, just like it was to for home to win it over Wesley Shenider then a treble winner for that iconic inter. The award is first becoming a mockery.

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