Cristiano Ronaldo wants Spain boss Luis Enrique to replace Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Cristiano Ronaldo has a surprise preference when it comes to the next Manchester United boss.

United decided to part ways with manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer this morning on the back of a shock 4-1 defeat to Watford on Saturday.

Solskjaer has overseen a very poor start to the season and his position became untenable given the investment the United bosses made to strengthen the squad over the summer.

It has been reported that United will appoint an interim boss until the end of the season before hiring someone long-term.

And according to Sky Sports’ Rob Dorsett, United superstar Ronaldo would like Spain boss Luis Enrique to replace Solskjaer.

Luis Enrique has impressed as head coach of La Roja, leading them to the Euro 2020 semi-finals and recently wrapping up World Cup qualification.

According to Dorsett, United are likely to consider Luis Enrique, along with the likes of Zinedine Zidane and Erik ten Haag.

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  1. Geoffrey jepson says:

    As a united fan I’m sad ole gone but the players have to take bleme as well with squad we have they should be doin better van der beek needs more playing time as well we should been challaging for the league this seasone but I think they need to look at tatic and players that need to be dropped and formation needs changing and McGwire needs dropping for some matches

  2. Mark Whelan says:

    Every United fan knows that the problem starts with the owners and the board selection as so many decisions have not been in keeping with this great club. Everything goes in cycles and clubs change managers but we have lost our stability. There are fine margins all based upon the right decisions at the right time. Unfortunately the managers we need are not available and even if they decided to join us come the summer the hierarchy needs to be changed. Always a Red

  3. Santino says:

    So, Luis Enrique should leave his project at La Roja and join man United?
    Very hilarious.

  4. Alec Roskell says:

    Christiano Ronaldo as player manager

  5. Doug says:

    Not the first time this has happened at United. Following Sir Matt Busbys retirement in 1969, there was Wilf McGuiness, Frank O’Farrell, Tommy Doc, Dave Sexton, Ron Atkinson and then Sir Alex Furgeson. Sorry for OGS but he didn’t have the right managerial qualities needed. Far to defensive approach, kept faith with a few players who weren’t committed or lacked top quality skills. Lost the trust of a couple of players who were not given a fair chance. Not convinced that Carrick can do the job. Only interim manager for me is Sir Alex stepping in as happened with Sir Matt after Wilf McGuniss.

  6. Prince says:

    Zidane would have be a good manager for the Red devils based on his qualities and techniques, but his wife doesn’t want her husband to be Manchester united manager, probably she feels like Manchester united official boards and such as the likes of edwood ward may give his husband a though time when it comes to decision making concerning the buying of players to make his own game plans and as well as making some decision to get reid of some players that would not fit into his game plans
    We remember the time Jose muriho tried to impact discipline on Paul pogba and the result led to sacking
    We remembered how long Manchester united board officials took a long time of decision to secure Fernandez signature who later came into the club to sacrificing a lot of effort that made Manchester united to be on the champions league spot
    With this been said, I suggest Manchester united official boards and majority of Manchester united players are to be blamed
    Manchester united official boards should stop spending a big sum of money on the signings of low average players
    And any players who are here at Manchester united club to play because of the level of salary and not based on the passion they have for the club should be sold out
    Its good to play football based on your passion for the football club and not trying to play based on the salary
    And every player in Manchester united football club should start thinking of how to play together as a team

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