Xavi’s inherits a major problem in Philippe Coutinho

Xavi has walked into a real mess at Barcelona – he’s known that from the start.

But things have really reached new lows in recent weeks, and nowhere is that better summed up than in Philippe Coutinho.

Coutinho was signed for huge money, put on a huge contract which the club can’t afford, and that he can’t live up to. Not only that, but his performances on the pitch this season have been poor.

The club didn’t expect or want to be relying on him, but the financial catastrophe they find themselves in has forced their hand. Instead of jumping at the opportunity, Coutinho has instead felt bitter about the treatment that left him here, and responded accordingly.

AS report that when he was a substitute told to warm up by caretaker Sergi Barjuan in the game before the international break, he said “I don’t need to.” He stayed on the bench, but his petulance has now made him an outcast in the squad.

Xavi will give everyone a clear slate, but this is a critical situation, and one of the ticking timebombs he has to defuse immediately.

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