“We have to remind UEFA who Real Madrid are” – Florentino Perez keeps up Super League push

The Super League dream lived and died in the space of one mad day back in April – except for in the mind of Florentino Perez.

While clubs across Europe were shamed into backing down almost instantly, and apologies were made across the board, Perez doubled down, and more than 6 months later he is still keeping the dream alive.

Speaking today at the Real Madrid general assembly today, he took the chance to sell the idea to his own season ticket holders once again.

“The Super League isn’t just a tournament – it tries to change the dynamic of football because if we don’t do anything, football will die,” he insisted.

Football – which of course existed happily for a very long time without Super Leagues, and could continue to function with no issues even if every top club collapsed – seems fairly healthy to us.

Playing to the crowd, Perez also turned his ire on UEFA, who had fought the proposed Super League from the start.

“We have to remind UEFA who Real Madrid are.”

As it stands, they are a club standing almost on their own, ploughing a lone furrow of self-interest.

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  1. Kofi Owusu Achaw says:

    As much as this super league idea will help world football it should be pursued till success comes. The face of world football as it is now should be changed. It takes bravery to bring about a change. Gala Madrid.

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