Ferland and Edouard Mendy hit out at the media for confusing them with Benjamin Mendy

Real Madrid’s Ferland Mendy has joined Chelsea’s Edouard Mendy in hitting out against the French and British press using their images in stories about Manchester City’s Benjamin Mendy.

Benjamin is undergoing trial after being charged with multiple counts of rape, and so Ferland and Edouard are understandably upset that their images are being misused simply because they share the same name and skin colour.

Ferland Mendy

Edouard had posted a message in an Instagram story. “It’s sad to see that in 2021, in both France and England, for some black people have neither first names or distinct faces,” he wrote. “These errors seem to be accidental, but on the contrary they’re highly symbolic. It’s not complicated to differentiate two faces, especially when they’re wearing different shirts!”

“Thank you, Edouard Mendy!” Ferland wrote on Twitter, sharing Edouard’s Instagram story. “We’re in 2021. Stop! It will take time but in the end you’ll respect us. Whether you like it or not.”

Benjamin, 27, was born in Longjumeau and came through the youth system at Palaiseau and Le Havre. He joined Marseille from the latter in 2013 before switching to Monaco in 2016. He joined City a year later, and has made ten appearances for France.

Edouard, 29, was born in Montivilliers and came through the youth system at Le Havre. He broke through as a senior professional at Cherbourg, however, going on to spend time with Marseille, Reims and Rennes before joining Chelsea in 2020. He’s made 14 appearances for Senegal and is Ferland’s cousin.

Ferland, 26, was born in Meulan-en-Yvelines and spent time as a youth with Ecquevilly EFC, Paris Saint-Germain and FC Mantois 78 before breaking through with Le Havre. He spent two years in their first team before joining Lyon, spending two years there before signing for Madrid. He’s earned seven caps for France.

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