The most valuable clubs in La Liga

La Liga is one of the most spectacular European leagues and definitely one of the most-watched worldwide.

Everything in this competition screams grandiosity, from the massive investments it attracts to the number of teams winning European competitions.

This article will discuss the teams that received the highest investments so far, also becoming the most valuable.

International Entertainment

Joan Laporta is calling on Barcelona fans

The most prominent national competition in Spain is not only famous locally.

The 2019/2020 edition of the competition counted on an audience of 2.8 billion viewers. For the sake of proportion, the current population in Spain is less than 50 million.

Spanish teams top several continental lists, such as goals scored, titles won, and market value, among others.

Such a significant competition also attracts massive amounts of bets across the globe.

Among the most popular platforms for checking betting odds and placing bets is, although there are many others.

Not by chance, sports betting is the leading source of revenue for operators in Spain, driven mainly by football competitions.

A Billionaire Game

Florentino Perez

The Spanish national league has always been an exciting one.

Still, since 2010, La Liga has grown rapidly. Real Madrid and Barcelona together won more than half of the European titles.

Meanwhile, other teams have also become feared forces in the competition.

Of course, team effort and excellent management play a big part in this success, but money was a real game-changer.

Let’s have a look at the most expensive squads in the competition.

5 – Real Sociedad

La Real, as it’s locally known, has never won a continental competition. It hasn’t even been to a final yet. However, it’s improved its results in the past few years.

The squad is exceptionally talented, and it’s also an expensive one. The whole team is now worth about €327m.

4 – Valencia

Valencia has already won a few UEFA titles, such as the Cup Winners, the Intertoto Cup, and the UEFA Super Cups.

A Champions League’s title is still missing in the club’s gallery.  Due to financial constraints, the club has lost some of its biggest names.

Nevertheless, the club is still a force to be reckoned with in La Liga and a strong contender on the European stage. Los Che is currently worth €328.38m.

3 – Atletico Madrid

Fondly called Atleti by its fans, Atletico Madrid is one of the biggest and strongest teams in the country.

It’s often compared to Barcelona and Madrid, sometimes winning. The club has invested over €760m in its players.

2 – Barcelona

The second most valuable squad in Spain wasn’t enough to prevent the crushing defeat against Bayern Munich by 8-2.

Still, Barcelona is one of the strongest teams worldwide, with a collection of European titles and three FIFA Club World Cups.

Barcelona’s squad is worth €992.2m.

1 – Real Madrid

Los Blancos are perhaps the biggest football team worldwide.

It’s an actual billionaire squad, now worth €1.08bn.

The team has won La Liga 34 times, and it was home to names like Cristiano Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane as the coach.

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