David Alaba teases Toni Kroos after catching him in the Turkish bath

We’ve already seen a few funny stories popping up from Felix (brother of Toni) Kroos’ podcast, and their latest guest is one of the best they’ve had.

David Alaba finally made his long awaited free transfer move from Bayern Munich this summer, to bring his unbelievable quality and class to Real Madrid.

He already knows Toni from their shared time together at Bayern, a full 7 years ago, when both were much younger and more raw than now.

Joking away in his chat with Felix and Toni in quotes picked up by Marca, Alaba noted how his teammate’s professionalism had increased since they last worked together.

“In Munich I never saw you in the gym. In the first three weeks [at Madrid] you were in the Turkish bath with an exercise ball, or another time with weights. In the end I couldn’t resist and I asked you “what’s happened to you in these last 7 years?”

Perhaps it was working with Cristiano Ronaldo, perhaps it was just being inspired by Luka Modric’s ageless grace. Either way, Toni is not a kid anymore and along the way to where he is now he clearly had to pick up a few good habits along the way to keep him playing at the top level.

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