Nou Camp to return to 100% capacity this weekend

Catalonia will allow 100% capacity at sporting events from this Friday, opening the door for Barcelona to play the rest of their season with fans present.

It’s been permitted at national level since the end of September, but individual autonomous communities have been able to make their own rules.

It’s just in time too. Not only do Barcelona need the support of their fans to turn a horrible season around, they’ve also got some huge games coming up – all at home. This Sunday’s clash against Pepe Bordalas’ Valencia is going to be a very tough one, and it doesn’t get easier from there.

After that they’re at home against Dynamo Kiev in the Champions League, before a home El Clasico.

This will also of course affect Espanyol, themselves struggling a little lower down the table. A Catalan derby is due to take place between the two clubs in late November, and will hopefully now have a great atmosphere.

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