Vinicius has 39 person team working on his brand behind the scenes

Modern football is a strange world, and sometimes you’ve just got to embrace it and laugh rather than fight against it.

Today’s example comes in the form of Vinicius Junior – who has always come off as a very modest and grounded kid.

Still just 21, and still working on establishing himself as a long term starter for Real Madrid, the Brazilian hasn’t wasted a moment in developing his brand and his image.

Marca today claim that he has a quite astonishing 39 person team working for him behind the scenes – with 12 of them focused exclusively on him.

They work on his social media, his overall image, his marketing and just about every other aspect of the Vinicius brand. There are cooks, physios, photographers, graphic designers – you name it.

It’s all part of the package that makes up a modern footballer, and so far this season, Vinicius is giving them plenty of work, with 5 goals in 8 games.

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