Mbappe saga set for nasty finish as PSG frustration grows

The Kylian Mbappe story at PSG is going to end up being an ugly one, despite everything.

He forced a move there as a youngster, and it looked like he might end up being a club hero with a decade or more of goals playing for his hometown club.

Instead, his desire to eventually move to Real Madrid has stopped him ever really being loved there, and now things are deteriorating much faster than even before.

The fact that he’s able to move on a free transfer next summer means that the unhappy marriage is coming to an end sooner rather than later, and dirty laundry is being aired on both sides.

AS report that the France star’s recent interview has frustrated the club even further, adding to the tension generated by bad results on the pitch.

It was perhaps inevitable that this would happen – but as it stands this could be a long bitter dispute that runs for years to come. Mbappe won’t be welcomed back to PSG when he’s wearing white, that’s for sure.

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