The three factors Joan Laporta must consider when deciding Ronald Koeman’s future

Barcelona’s humiliating 3-0 defeat in Lisbon to Benfica in the Champions League on Wednesday evening has forced a process of change at Camp Nou that had been on pause after the convincing 3-0 defeat of Levante last weekend according to Marca. Joan Laporta now believes he needs to replace Ronald Koeman.

Ronald Koeman and Joan Laporta

The question, however, is how he manages to pull the move off. The first problem is finding a candidate to replace him; right now the three leading options are Xavi Hernandez, Andrea Pirlo and Roberto Martinez, although it’s possible that a fourth option could materialise at the last minute. The decision that Koeman eventually takes won’t just be sporting; it’ll also be political.

Xavi would be the popular choice, while a move for Pirlo or Martinez would be a directive emanating from Laporta. Xavi, after all, supported Laporta’s rival Victor Font in the presidential election earlier this year. The economic issue is also a live matter; removing Koeman from his position would cost €12m, a fortune for Barcelona given their current financial state.

Joan laporta has explained the Lionel Messi situation

The final question is when. The dramatic decision would be to remove him ahead of the clash with Atletico Madrid in La Liga at the weekend. The more reasoned call would be to wait after that match, when any incoming coach would have the international break to acclimatise. Either way, a change is coming.

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  1. Penlover says:

    All the fans should let laporta know that
    Xavi is the best as a new manager for the team

  2. Saiff says:

    Barcelona problem isn’t embedded in Coach is lack of attacking.
    You’ve to know that

  3. Maxie says:

    Xavi is the best option. His return will bring back our playing tactics ”tiki taka” he will teach the team well about it. Though he played legend like pique,busquet and jordi alba. But it never stop is experience. But those captains are also a legend they have accept him as coach and humble to him as a former teammate . This not the first time in history to let your former team mate coach you

  4. A b wakili says:

    Xavi is the best coach for barcelona

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