Joan Laporta meets with Barcelona players without Ronald Koeman after Benfica defeat

Ronald Koeman is under intense pressure following another slip-up, this time in the Champions League.

Barca lost their second consecutive Champions League clash on Wednesday night, losing 3-0 to Benfica away from home.

The Blaugrana are now four points behind Benfica in second place, sitting rock bottom of the group.

It’s unclear at this point whether Koeman will live to see the weekend as Barca boss, but in the meantime, Joan Laporta has paid a visit to the players.

According to Diario AS, Laporta went down to the dressing room to visit the players after the defeat.

The Barca president consoled players and reassured them that the situation would be fixed.

Koeman was not present at the time, undergoing his media duties, and so Laporta was keen to lift spirits.

According to the report, it’s not the first time the Barcelona president has done this amid a difficult run of form of late.

Koeman may well feel it undermines him given it is his role to pick the players up after such a defeat, but at this stage, the Dutchman is not in a position to raise complaints.

Koeman is on the brink at Camp Nou having won just one of the last four games.

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  1. Dan Burcea says:

    Laporta need to sack Koeman! Period!

    1. Penlover says:

      Koeman is a usless coach

  2. Penlover says:

    If laporta don’ t want the thing to worst more than this.
    That usless coach must be sack today

  3. Samuel says:

    Please sake koeman

  4. targets says:

    sack keoman







  8. Penlover says:

    Koeman is usless and unfortunate manager
    He is using likeless to manage the team
    That usless coach said.that usless playe L- de jong is more dangerous than neymar in which way please
    Koeman no go better for you

    1. Chris Chris says:

      Koeman killed baca d first day he took over and sold saurex, rakitic host of other players he began to sign Dutch players as if baca is Dutch community club

      1. Gazi says:

        Say it again ooo Dutch players and pampering them. We talking about experience and you sold Rakitic to use Pedri . Sold Saures to keep Dutch Striker who dont know his left or right with no speed . And left Griezman out on loan and even sold Allena . No coach of barca have sold Allena because he was our future . No tactics and he wants the sacking money of 12 million Euros thats why his doing this flops so that we will sack him and pay him the money ahhh this man will suffer


    You cannot expect to be doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. Barcelona is NOT a team that should be taking one step forward and five steps backward: week in, week out! With the way Koeman is handling things, even if they move down to EUROPA League, Barca would be humiliated. BARCA B coach should be upgraded immediately to take charge of the first team to avoid further disastrous outings!

  10. Michael says:

    Barcelona can still make it “if and only if” J Laporta sacks R Koeman

  11. Law says:

    He is alway changing the team formation that the is not used to

  12. John Tshuma says:

    Koeman is useless.he is good in justifying

  13. S. Luah Towah says:

    What a big disgrace for Barca. Mr. President you must act now to save Barca from dropping in group stage.

  14. Abdul says:

    Ronald koeman should be sacked with immediate effect please if not barcelona will go for erouper league…

  15. S'dubaraH says:

    Barcelona out performed Benfica they only failed to convert their chances to goals, but we don’t need Koeman anymore

  16. HASSAN UMAR says:

    Seriously Koeman need to be sack since before now… laporta gave him another chances, still things are getting waste than ever before.

  17. Abbal-abbas up barca says:

    R. Koeman should be sack immediately. Because d other club fans said no messi no hope that is lie

  18. ABBAS says:

    Yes koeman need to be sack he is useless boss

    1. Alhassan asensio says:

      this is not a solution

  19. Alhassan asensio k/hausa says:

    is better to give him another 3 Mach before you sack him

  20. Shamsudddeen Haruna ahmad says:

    Koeman uselees manage sack

  21. Abubakar zomuje. says:

    Pls’ mr president it’s ur duty to take an legal action against this useless coach, which i dont want to even mentioned his name, so pls mr laporta try to do the best’ bcz we need an urgent change of manager’ in order to avoid us for falling in relegation. Pls and pls we dont like this manager anymore again.

  22. Barisa says:

    Let koeman go, he looks tiresome and exausted

  23. adetoro usman says:

    Please sack koeman he’s useless person selling player and sign Nederland player god go punish him in Jesus name but we are still Barca fans

  24. yawale kochi says:

    Inever see useless coach like koeman the big problem affected the team showing baisnes if player come from his country so he can make him in the first team if he be agood or not dismiss that bad coach

  25. YAWALE says:

    Sack bad coach useless

  26. Matthew Abraham says:

    mr president sack koeman ojent

  27. Sponky says:

    Giving him another three matches is like giving medicine to a dead man, because he will still the three straight matches that will be giving to him and barca will keep droping points in the table. So the alternative is to replace him with an exprienced coach.

  28. Kefas yahaya ndirmbula says:

    Pls, sack koeman he’s useless coach i have never see it

  29. Ugbede Chukwunomnso. says:

    I want Hansi Flick as Barcelona fc Manager Thanks..Ugbede Chukwunomnso….

  30. yau h umar says:

    i never se unless koch like kaomen

  31. jakepr says:

    There’s a reason why Barca fans didn’t want him, ie he’s useless.
    However, the financial issue is serious and not of his making. So he only has certain tools available to him. But he isn’t an inspiring coach, either.
    Problem is, Barca can’t afford to pay him off!!

  32. Tee says:

    LaPorta doesn’t have the moral right to sack Koeman, because both of them are responsible for what’s happening. The idea is to weaken the dressing room forgetting that the dressing room is less important than the field… The Catalan super brats Busquet, Pique, Roberto, Alba as poor as they have been recently were left, then subpar Dutchmen were added while Messi, Griezman, Suarez and a host of other young talents were let off… How then do you want to play a normal Barcelona game? Don’t forget that Messi, Suarez and Griezman all scored while for 2 consecutive ucl matches we didn’t even have a shot on target… You can’t exonerate LaPorta… He doesn’t know what to do to redeem this club, you don’t cut off the head to treat headache… But that is how LaPorta is undoing what Bartomeu his brother did

  33. Abdullahi says:

    We don’t need him anymore

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